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profile wire wrapped water screens

Promulgator:LIDA FILTER DATE:2016-09-02

profile wire wrapped water screens

The profile wire wrapped water screens is made up of rods and warp.
The rod can be round wire, triangular wire or trapezoid wire.
The warp is triangular wire (V-shaped wire).

Our company produce and sell as following :
Johnson screen mesh , Water well screen, V shaped wire welded screen pipe, Strainer pipe, Spiral screen tube, Wire-wrap screen pipe, Wedge wire screen tube, Mine screen mesh, Arc screen, Flat wedge wire panel and so on.
The products are used in the trades, such as ore choosing, petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, food,architecture,traffic etc.
Our products can be seen everywhere in China, as well as African countries, Middle East and the regions of Southest Asia.

1.Diameter:  determined by the borehole diameter and pump size.
2.Material: galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel wire as usual
3.Slot size: as per the size of filter medium and gravels.  
4.Collapse strength and tensile strength: decided by the depth of screen installed.
5. Length: 1-6m or other required size. (5.85 meter for 20” container is better )
6. End Connection: Plain end or bevel end or API thread LTC,STC,BTC, or flange

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Henan Tianzhiwo Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Henan Province Xinxiang industry filter areas, which is a leading manufacturer of filters and pipes for water,oil and gas fields. In order to meet different users' needs,we built two factories ,and supply stainless steel well screen,bridge slotted screen, wedge wire screen, Johnson type screen, oil well screen,perforated pip,industry filters,casing tube and wells tools.

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