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our Beijing happy trip and take part in "only you" activi

Promulgator:LIDA FILTER DATE:2016-08-12
      Tourism is a hard and tired to find happiness and relax and see the world!The ancients said: "reading volumes than view" we set sail once again, only to go farther!
       On August 4, travel first stop: the furth a line of people arrived in Beijing on time east one hundred million celestica in1999, participating in large workplace recruitment, job search program "only you" live studio, the program by CCTV host multiple social class TuLei, huang jianxiang served as the host;Into the studio scene atmosphere let each partner feel fresh and awe!Hosted witty sharp way not only for applying for set up the health positive QiuZhiGuan, guide the right values.More of our enterprises in the candidates, offers a new benchmark of choose and employ persons!
      On August 5, the second leg of trip: look at the tiananmen flag raising ceremony, feeling the warmth of family, socialism is also proud of our great motherland and proud!Then visit tiananmen square and the Forbidden City, feeling the Forbidden City and profound culture, experience the majestic palace!Afternoon tour - the Summer Palace, the royal garden museum early into the Summer Palace, at the sound of flowing water is clear, full of angry bird, and click click as crosstalk, in this is known as the garden of the world cultural heritage with tourists from all over the world!For the first glimpse of the Summer Palace.Here is a arcadia, in contrast with the city high-rise buildings!Here scenery picturesque beauty, when through the screen to see the scenery in my eyes, everything is fresh, bright beautiful.

ravel on August 6, the third stop:
      The journey time is always so short, the fourth day morning along with the summer sunshine, we came to be known as China's largest lakes on haihe river plain baiyang lake, pink lotus flowers bloom in the sparkling lake, the green reeds scattered across the lake, the river of willow green, as if pieces of green smoke.
All kinds of water sports to peer partners to feel a little bit cool in the summer sunshine, jet skis and seaplane project thrilling stimulation, quality challenges our heart again., then visit the baiyangdian YanLingDui memorial walk in baiyangdian YanLingDui memorial hall, looking at the introduction of these heroes smile in photos, they are happy for in addition to rape to protect the people, is worthy of the party and happy, because see the victory of the motherland and laugh.Heroic, they have with the history, but they figure will always live in our hearts, that dare to struggle, tact flexible yanling spirit, the indomitable and tenacious integrity brave nation will be permanent.


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